Family Argyresthiidae

North American Argyresthiidae comprise about 50 described species, all of which are placed in the genus Argyresthia. Larvae are internal feeders on the vegetative or reproductive parts of woody plants, mainly conifers, although a few angiosperms also are recorded, e.g., apple, Malus (Rosaceae). Larvae of some argyresthiid species occur in large enough numbers that they are considered pests. Adult argyresthiids (Fig. 1) are small moths that most commonly are opalescent white overlaid with a pattern of blackish or golden color. The North American species of Argyresthiidae were reviewed by Busck (1907), but most of the Nearctic species were described since then, and the group has not been treated comprehensively in modern times.

Argyresthia alternatella oreasella austerella image

Figure 1. Argyresthia spp. Adults, collected at light. Top, A. alternatella; center: left, A. oreasella; right, A. sp.; bottom: left, A. sp.; right, A. austerella

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