Genus Protolithocolletis

One species, Protolithocolletis lathyri (Fig. 1), is assigned to this genus. It has not been recorded from Illinois but should be sought in the northern part of the state, where its known larval hostplants, veiny pea, Lathyrus venosus, and beach pea, L. japonicus (Fabaceae), occur. The moth was originally described by Braun (1929), from specimens reared from L. venosus by R. M. White in September 1928, in Manitoba, Canada. It was not known from the midwestern USA, however, until 2006, when it was reared in Michigan by Ron Priest, who generously provided the photo seen here (Priest 2007). He writes: "I recovered the mines on beach pea (Lathyrus japonicus) on the beach of Lake Superior in Marquette Co., MI on 16 Sep. 2006. The adult emerged on 29 September. The mine is tentiform partially folding the leaflet."

Protolithocolletis image

Figure 1. Protolithocolletis lathyri. Adult; photo by Ron Priest, of an individual reared by him in Michigan, from beach pea, Lathyrus japonicus (Fabaceae).

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