Family Prodoxidae

In America north of Mexico, the incurvarioid assemblage (Incurvariidae + Prodoxidae + Adelidae, which until the incurvarioid phylogeny of Nielsen and Davis (1985) were considered to be subfamilies of the single family Incurvariidae) comprises approximately 90 species, most of which are restricted to the western regions. Prodoxidae was revised by Davis (1967); the biology and systematics of the prodoxid genera Greya and Tetragma were published by Davis et al. (1992).

Lampronia russatella (Fig. 1), is known from Illinois. Two adults were collected diurnally in the central part of the state during the third week of May, alongside a small stream surrounded by deciduous forest. Evidently, the life history of L russatella is unknown.

 Lampronia russatella image

Figure 1. Lampronia russatella. Adult, collected diurnally.

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