Tischeriidae: Rosaceae-feeding group

All Illinois Rosaceae feeders fall into the genus Coptotriche. The following species are some of the commonest of these species in Illinois. One species, the appleleaf trumpet miner (C. malifoliella), has been listed as a pest of apple in the eastern USA. It is not commonly encountered in Illinois, where it has been reared from hawthorn, Crataegus sp.

Coptotriche crataegifoliae (Fig. 1) mines leaves of hawthorn, Crataegus sp. and also shadbush, Amelanchier arborea, beginning in late July. The mine occurs along the margin of the leaf, which curls part of the way over the mine as it matures.

Coptotriche crataegifoliae image

Figure 1. Coptotriche crataegifoliae. Adult, and leaf mine on hawthorn, Crataegus sp.

Coptotriche agrimoniella (Fig. 2) makes a marginal leaf mine on woodland species of agrimony, Agrimonia spp.

Coptotriche agrimoniella image

Figure 2. Coptotriche agrimoniella. Adult, and leaf mine on agrimony, Agrimonia sp.

Coptotriche aenea (Fig. 3) makes a trumpet mine on blackberries, Rubus spp.

Coptotriche aenea image

Figure 3. Coptotriche aenea. Adult, and leaf mine on blackberry, Rubus sp.

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